I went to a du office on November 5, 2016. I wanted to get the du Light package, which was Dh335, because I was already paying for television and internet service, and it was easy to add it. I asked the customer service agent if the monthly bill would be Dh335, and he said ‘yes’.

When I received my December 2016 bill, I found it was Dh523. I was completely surprised. I visited the du office on January 1, 2017, and briefed them about my problem. We spoke with the billing department. Later on, when I said that I wouldn’t pay this amount, they said there was no other solution. They said I would have to pay, and in the meantime, they would register my complaint. They told me that their complaints office would call me. I warned them that if du charged me this amount, I would have to cancel my services, but I was told that if I cancelled it, I would be charged for two years because this contract was for a cumulative two years.

This was another terrible thing for me, because the customer service agent absolutely did not communicate that this contract was for two years. He also did not communicate that the monthly bill would exceed Dh500.

No one called me back until January 7, 2017, and then, I was out of Dubai for a few days.

On January 14, 2017, again, I visited the same du office and met a customer service agent and he registered my complaint again, but there was still no solution. I received a call from du later that day and they said it required verbal communication between the customer and the staff. So, as a customer, I have to pay the excess amount or go back again to the du office to re-register a complaint. Is this really their solution?

I am very disappointed, because they are not briefing customers on these costs and relevant terms and conditions. So I request to Gulf News to consider my complaint and help me sort out this issue.

From Mr Zaka Al Rahman


The management of du responds:

In response to Mr Rahman’s complaint, we have investigated the issue and our team has confirmed that the charges are valid. Our team found that Mr Rahman was charged the additional amount as he had requested for an upgrade. du urges all customers to be cognisant of the services to which, they subscribe. We regret any inconvenience.

Mr Rahman responds:

Thank you, Gulf News, for supporting me in this issue. Du called me twice and they said that their management is going to remove additional charges. Their billing department will send me a revised bill.

(Process initiation: January 22, 2017. Response from organisation: January 31, 2017. Reader confirmation: February 9, 2017.)

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