I applied for personal finance with Noor Bank on February 28. I submitted my salary certificate, my salary slip for three months, a passport copy and also signed some application forms and gave security cheques.

A Noor Bank salesperson told me that it would be processed soon. After a few days, Noor Bank said that the first amortisation for the financing would be on April 29. I made a complaint to Noor Bank’s customer service centre, asking why they registered the amount payable before I received any amount from the personal finance department.

Later on, the salesman told me that I needed to submit a salary transfer letter, since this is a second loan (the first loan has been paid and I also received the release letter from Noor Bank a long time ago). The customer service staff also explained to me that this would be the second procedure in applying. I told them that this letter should have been requested before booking the personal finance to my account or before any approval.

The same day that Noor Bank sent the draft of the salary transfer letter (STL) to me, I informed via email/call officially that I would not go ahead with the loan, since my general manager/company is very strict and they also have a very strict company compliance policy.

I requested my company to issue the STL as per Noor Bank policy, since I already spent a lot of effort at this point. As a result, they issued the letter, but they omitted some of the content/conditions before the final issuance of the STL, even though I asked a Noor Bank salesman to confirm the draft of the amended STL and he gave his confirmation officially via email.

I submitted the letter to the salesman and he commented that it should be okay. After several days, the amount was still not distributed to my account, but I found out that the STL was rejected by their Quality Team because of missing content. So, I raised a complaint with Noor Bank on this issue. They called me, informing that they could not do anything unless they had the STL as per Noor bank’s draft. I asked Noor Bank to cancel the personal finance, as I could not provide all the correct documents. They told me that I would need to pay an early settlement, since the loan was already booked to my account.

I visited the bank many times, but they are telling me that they are in discussion with the concerned department/managers/supervisors. I requested them to remove the charges because the mistake was not from my end. I just want to close this issue as soon as possible, before Noor Bank takes another amortisation from my account. They already took the first monthly instalment from my account, which they were supposed to return.

I hope Gulf News can help me in this issue.

From Mr Jomar Ferrer Macam

Abu Dhabi

The management of Noor Bank responds:

Noor Bank is committed to finding an amicable and fair solution towards any customer complaints. We are always transparent with our customers. This starts with acknowledging the problem raised by the concerned individual and working towards a swift resolution.

Soon after we received Mr Macam’s complaint from Gulf News, our Customer Experience Unit investigated this matter further.

After further investigation, Noor Bank contacted Mr Macam and assured him of an immediate resolution. The bank reversed the customer’s personal finance without any charge. Furthermore, the equated monthly instalment (EMI) that was debited from his account was also successfully credited on May 17. The customer has since agreed to close his complaint and the matter has now been resolved.

Noor Bank wishes to assure all customers of our best service and prompt response to any complaints and grievances they may have.

Mr Macam responds:

I really appreciate the intervention of Gulf News. The matter has been resolved.

(Process initiation: May 8. Response from organisation: May 19. Reader confirmation: May 22.)

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