Three fake connections

I lost my Emirates ID in July 2015 and reported it to the authorities. They advised me to apply for a replacement card and blocked the card that I had lost. According to them, a police complaint was not required and the card would be deactivated. This procedure is also mentioned on their website.

However, in November, I came to know that etisalat had issued three postpaid connections in my name, with a fake salary certificate, without verifying the signatures and in the absence of the card holder. Biometric fingerprint verification was not done either, while issuing the new connections.

On complaining to them, etisalat agreed that fraud had occurred for one of the numbers. But, surprisingly, they did not agree on the other two numbers that were issued with the same form and supporting documents. As per their representative, only one form was filled to issue three different lines.

Currently, I am getting missed calls from etisalat and they are claiming that I do not answer their calls, hence they have closed the complaint successfully. I am under too much pressure and I don’t know what to do.

From Mr Gurdarshan Singh


The management of etisalat responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Singh’s concerns to our attention. Etisalat’s customer service team would like to apologise for all the inconvenience caused to him. It is important to note in these cases customers must make a police complaint in case of loss of Emirates ID. The copy of the police complaint is a valid document and required by the fraud management team to investigate and resolve such cases. Mr Singh presented all the required documents and the amount was removed from all accounts. The issue is now resolved and closed.

Mr Singh responds:

I received a call from etisalat and the issue has been resolved successfully. I would like to thank Gulf News and etisalat for the assistance.

(Process initiation: November 22. Response from organisation: November 28. Reader confirmation: November 29.)

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