Turn on the tap and there it is. Getting water is so easy, but you’d be mistaken for thinking that there is an endless supply. Water’s proper use and conservation is something few of us think about. Abuse of water occurs with leaking pipes, faulty gardening sprinklers, trickling taps left unattended and excessive car washing.

Humans are destroying their own water supply, which they are so strongly dependent on. The world’s demand for fresh water is growing so fast that the threats we face on water conservation front are indeed alarming.

Within 20 years, agriculture, industry and expanding cities will face scarce supplies and threaten political stability and public health. Part of the reason why water is so important is because of the versatility of the resource. Almost all heads of states are spending sleepless nights trying to implement innovative new policies to improve water management; little do they realise that sustainability cannot happen by policy or regulation alone. At the current rate we are going, the challenges are out surpassing the solutions. We need to improve communications across all residents in the UAE to encourage greater awareness and participation. Every family should engage in a spirit of transparency and accountability. Serious global investment in water security will nurture economic development, create a more stable environment and give hope and health to millions of people.

We are living in a desert and people need to be more aware of every drop they’re wasting. Correcting irrigation for plants, responsibly washing your car, and stopping the overflow of water tanks in buildings will all help stop fresh water from being wasted.

This reader is a sales manager in Dubai.

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