Tango and Poppy are two-year-old brother and sister, who we found living with their mum under a staircase in a block of apartments in Abu Dhabi. As they were at risk there, we took the family in and found a home for Tango and Poppy when they were a few months old.

However, in December, we were contacted by a woman who said she had been given the cats by the owner, who had now left the country without taking them with her. This woman who contacted us was also leaving the country and could not take them back. She was worried they would be put on the streets.

We took them back, of course, and had to get them vaccinated as the owner hadn’t even bothered doing that for them. They were then in another foster home, but were so depressed and unhappy that they both lost over one kilogram in three weeks. The foster mum had other cats and Poppy and Tango were in a separate room and lonely.

I then took them in and had to keep them in my kitchen to get them better. Tango was even tested for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), as he was the thinnest, but the test was negative.

The vets could find nothing wrong with either of them, so we started to feed them properly and give them lots of attention and cuddles. They are now healthy and are both chatty and happy cats, but are desperate to get out of my kitchen.

Please can anyone offer them their forever home this time with lots of love and attention?

Apart from these two, there is another pair of best friends who are also seeking some love and attention. Sable and Travis were rescued separately as kittens and have been together since.

Travis was found living alone in an abandoned construction hut, hungry and scared of people and the bigger cats who were attacking him and not letting him eat. He took a long time to come out of his shell and to trust people, but he did and now he loves cuddles and is a chatty boy. He will probably take a few days in a new environment to feel comfortable with new people.

Sable was found as a tiny six-week-old kitten on a construction site in the city and she was handed to us to look after. She was always a friendly little girl and now craves attention from people.

Sadly as we have no room for them at home, they have been living in a store room with our helper for over a year now and they really need a foster or forever home where they can get all the attention they deserve.

They are both vaccinated, microchipped and sterilised and need a new home together.

For people interested in adopting any of the above pairs, please contact Sandy Paws on www.facebook.com/sandypawsuae or write to jac.covill@gmail.com.

— The reader is a member of Sandy Paws, an Abu Dhabi-based animal rescue and welfare organisation.