I had installed du services at my premises in July 2017. The documents that were taken from me for verification were my passport and Emirates ID. The tenancy contract was not in my name and they had not even notified me that for a new connection or change of services, the tenancy contract had to be under my name.

Now that I am relocating, they are not willing to relocate my services, as the tenancy contract is not under my name. They are asking me to cancel the services and pay all the overhead cancellation charges, since my one-year contract is valid for six more months.

Customer service agents are not being helpful, nor is my case being taken seriously. Now, they are just trying to hide their mistake by telling me that it was not mandatory to have a tenancy contract for installation six months ago, and it has only been made mandatory now. So, as per their policy, I cannot relocate the services and even cancellation fees cannot be waived off.

They are making the customer pay for their own mistake and are not bothered to help the customer in this regard.

From Ms Olinda D’Souza


The management of du responds:

In response to Ms D’Souza’s request for clarification on her last billing cycle, we have shared the full breakdown of the applicable charges to her satisfaction. The case is now closed.

Ms D’Souza responds: Thank you very much for the help. Du’s customer service agents got in touch with me and after investigation, they have waived off my cancellation fee of Dh632.

(Process initiation: February 17. Response from organisation: March 4. Process completion: March 4.)

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