Courtesy: Rino Suren The lights are left on through the day outside the Al Nahda Metro Station in Dubai. Image Credit: Rino Suren


I want to bring the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) notice to the fact that the external lights at Al Nahda Metro Station in Dubai are left on through the day. I raised a complaint with the RTA on June 12 on Twitter and was given a complaint reference number with a resolution date of June 20.

I later received another tweet a few days later saying that the resolution date has been extended to June 29.

On July 11, I receive a call from an RTA representative saying that the case had been forwarded to the concerned department, and I was asked if I was happy with the support provided, for which my response was, “How could I be happy without a resolution?”

I was again asked if I was happy with the support and disgusted by this, I said yes. They then closed the case without any resolution. I then took this matter to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), who asked me to check with RTA itself. This was really surprising! The question that I ask is, how long does it take one to turn off the lights?

Also in question is the customer service. Questioning someone if they are happy with the service provided without a resolution isn’t doing anyone any good. I really hope that the RTA takes note of this issue and switches these lights off in order to avoid wastage of electricity.


— The reader is a human resources professional based in Dubai.


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The reader’s complaint was raised with the management of RTA.

They stated: “Please note that the lighting at Al Nahda Metro station is working according to design.”