Like so many other drivers who find it difficult to get enough parking spaces at different malls, I feel very sad and upset whenever I see irresponsible drivers park their cars the wrong way.

A few days ago, I was at a popular mall in Dubai and came across these two vehicles, which had been parked haphazardly. The motorists must have been in a hurry, or just didn’t care. It is clearly visible that both cars have been parked outside the designated spots or lines. The cars are blocking more space than is allocated to one vehicle by the mall authorities. There is a reason the spaces or lines are marked, so people can easily park their vehicles without disturbing other motorists, blocking more than one spot or damaging other vehicles when opening their car doors.

It seems as if people don’t care if their car is occupying part of the next space, which would make it difficult for another car to squeeze into the slot. Some motorists seem do it intentionally, to prevent other cars from using the adjoining slot to have more space for their own vehicle and so that they can open their doors easily.

Though it is happening inside a mall, traffic violations should apply to such motorists for their behaviour. Through this report, I hope I can call the attention of the concerned authorities or mall security to stop this kind of disregard towards other people’s rights.

— The reader is based in Dubai.

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According to the list of federal traffic fines issued by the Ministry of Interior, abuse of parking spaces can result in a fine of Dh200 and three black points to the driver’s licence.