Shifting issue

I have applied for external shifting of eLife from Al Mamzar to Al Nahda. It has been a week now, and I have not yet received any action from etisalat. The first time, I did it on the phone and it was not logged in the system. I called on May 28 and they logged the request. When I followed up three days ago, they said it was lacking a few details, which they didn’t know about. Now, it is June 2 and still nothing has happened.

From Mr Cesar Parroco



The management of etisalat responds:

The customer’s issue was resolved.


Mr Parroco responds:

Thank you Gulf News, for the intervention. Technicians from etisalat came and installed the internet and eLife, after many follow ups. However, this issue is actually not over, since the person who installed the internet came at 11pm, and everyone was already sleeping. We asked our housemaid to stay with him. He installed the internet and phone only in the phone box. It is in the most impractical corner of the house. We need to run a lot of wires all over the house to have a connection for my desktop computer and our landline. The person did not install it properly. He was rushing to finish his work.

When I called etisalat again, they told me I would have to apply for a new request for transfer, and this time, I would have to pay. I am already losing my patience and I don’t want to go through all the complaints again and again. I was not able to go through it again since I was away for a 14-day business trip. I hope Gulf News can take up this matter with etisalat.


Etisalat responds:

This case is closed; the newspaper can check with the customer if any other action is required from our end.


Mr Parroco responds:

Thank you Gulf News for following up. It has proven to be very helpful. This case has been resolved. Everything is working properly.


(Process initiation: June 2. Response from organisation: June 10. Process completion: June 25.)


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