Individuals have always aspired to succeed in any profession they choose. However, there are certain professions that benefit the employee and the employer, while others benefit the entire society. Social work is one such example that does good to society, empowers the needy and endeavours towards the overall wellbeing of society. It is important to understand that there are no limits for social work, as it is a dynamic activity extending from local, regional to international levels.

Inequality is always prevalent in societies and history has shown that dominant sections of society always tend to overpower or suppress the weaker sections. It is noteworthy that social workers are not driven by any financial benefits or high perks, rather the determination to serve others and help those less fortunate. The hard work of these social workers and organisations empowers, brings a smile and a ray of hope on the faces of millions of needy people across the globe.

UAE has various sectors that offer social work and newer areas are constantly emerging for the betterment of our society. Following the International Bill of Human Rights that was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, many organisations now offer jobs related to securing basic human rights of people. Apart from local and national firms, regional and international tie-ups have been made between countries that support social welfare. Media in the UAE is actively participating in social work through several awareness and educational campaigns. Although several jobs related to social work are present in the country, there are still many sectors that remain uncovered.

The education sector could become empowered if more jobs were available to teachers that are willing to teach the poorer section of society. Similarly, female empowerment needs to be pushed further.

In order to make our society a better place and to keep up with the pace, it is vital that social work becomes widespread and there is introduction of new sectors.

-The reader is an Emirati student based in Dubai