Security cheque

I signed a security cheque during an application for card processing, with Najm Finance. Now the application has been rejected as I refused to take a supplementary card for my wife and refused to provide her details to them. They initially agreed to forward the ‘Null and Void’ stamped cheque’s scanned copy to me on email, but now they say that they have trashed the cheque and cannot provide the same. I am worried that they are trying to cheat me. I need their official reply to protect my interests legally. However, their attitude is wrong and they are not even replying to my emails. I request Gulf News’ intervention to resolve this issue.

From Mr Dileeban Rajaratnam

Majid Al Futtaim Finance LLC responds:

Please be advised that we have contacted Mr Dileeban and addressed his concerns. As per our policy, once the application of the credit card is declined, the security cheques are automatically nulled and trashed. This action is highlighted and stated in the terms and conditions available in the application form.

However, for the customer’s satisfaction and as we value all our customers, whether our future customers become members of the Najm family or cardholders or not, the concerned team member is emailing the customer a confirmation that his cheque is no longer valid, which is something that was agreed with Mr Dileeban in advance. We would like to thank you for your attention and cooperation.

(Process initiation: August 23. Response from organisation: August 30. Process completion: September 13.)

Fraudulent transactions

I wish to share my experience regarding an unresolved complaint with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). I have had my salary account with FAB since August 2015 and the transactions were going smoothly till August 2017. Suddenly, on August 3, there were suspicious transactions in my account and I immediately called the helpline and blocked the card. The total amount stolen was around Dh2,343. After a discussion with the customer care officer, the bank blocked my card and issued a replacement debit card. I appreciate them for their quick delivery.

The bank official confirmed that they had registered my complaint regarding the fraudulent transaction and they gave me an acknowledgement copy only after I made many calls and emails, telling me an investigation would take 60 to 90 days, that too, if I prove I did not carry out those transactions. In the end, I would get a refund of the amount, as per the investigation report, if I am proven correct.

Meanwhile, I called many times to check on the status of the claim, but they said no confirmation could be provided until 60 days from the claim. I kept quiet, but until now, I still haven’t received any update from the bank.

What is the value of the money they give back to a customer? This is a debit card online banking fraud, with no online transaction, and no one-time password (OTP). What is the guarantee that these fake transactions will not recur on my new debit cards? How safe is my money?

Kindly look into this matter as this concerns anyone having an account with the bank. I request Gulf News to escalate the issue. I am suffering a lot. I am a loyal and law-abiding customer of FAB since the past three years.

From Mr Ahmad Tabish
Abu Dhabi

The management of FAB responds:

FAB supports the growth ambitions of its stakeholders and goes beyond financial products and services, and as such, we are grateful for all customer feedback as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. The bank has been in contact with Mr Tabish, and explained that his request is still under investigation. The customer will be updated once the matter has been resolved.

(Process initiation: August 27. Response from organisation: September 12. Process completion: September 30.)

Unwanted charges

I have been charged the following amounts towards ‘Mobile Content’ for my number, in spite of the fact that I have not subscribed to any mobile content service. For the statement dated July 17, I was charged Dh42. For the statement dated August 17, I was charged Dh50. I was unaware that these charges were being applied. When it came to my notice, I called du customer care to cancel the subscriptions, which has been done.

However, they refused to reverse the ‘mobile content’ charges applied. I have sent an email with the request to cancel the charges, however there was no response from du. I am okay with the charges paid for the bill dated July 17, as I did not notice that on time. However, I would like the charges for the bill dated August 17 to be voided and I kindly ask Gulf News to assist me in pursuing this issue with du and to arrange for the charges to be refunded.

From Ms Ksenia Akulova

The management of du responds:

The du team investigated the matter and found there were two active services, which have been deactivated. We have also provided a refund for the last three months of July, August and September for the total amount of Dh102.

Ms Akulova responds:

Many thanks for this, the issue is resolved.

(Process initiation: September 20. Response from organisation: October 2. Reader confirmation: October 7.)

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