Image Credit: Istock

A research team from Stanford University surveyed 700,000 respondents and their daily step data to find which where the most active and the laziest countries in the world. In the lazier countries that you see below, there is a higher variance between the activity levels of males and females with step rates of females being lesser overall. 

Another interesting correlation they found is that the smaller the gap between activity-rich and activity-poor people in a particular country (activity inequality), the lesser the obesity rates were on average for that country. 

Country Average daily steps
Indonesia 3,513
Saudi Arabia 3,807
Malaysia 3,963
Philippines 4,008
South Africa 4,105
Brazil 4,289
India 4,297
Egypt 4,315
Greece 4,350

India and Philippines both are in the lower spectrum and they also have relatively high activity inequality between their most active and least active people. This makes obesity propensity higher in these countries. UAE is also below average in terms of daily steps with 4,516 steps. 

Hong Kong is the most active country with 6,880 daily steps on average, tailed by China, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Spain and Sweden, ranging from 5,800 to 6,189 steps.