Return my cheque

My complaint is with regards to my bad experience with Citibank.

It started with a salesperson telling me about Citibank’s products and services. I only wanted the free for life Simplicity credit card. But the salesperson offered and insisted on processing a loan application at the same time, and he gathered all my documents.

On May 31, 2015, the salesperson asked me to come to their BurJuman branch. There, in front of his manager and another staff member, the representative requested for two cheques — both amounting to Dh58,000, with a promise that a loan would be granted on that day. I was also told by the salesperson that both my cheques would be kept and used as security cheques only. Since I did not know what to write and to avoid error, I even allowed the salesperson to write in my cheque book (hence, you will see their handwriting). But my loan application was denied.

On the same day, May 31, I requested the salesperson through phone calls and text messages, for the retrieval of my documents, specifically the two cheques I had issued, since it did not serve any purpose anymore.

The salesperson I was in touch with, passed me on to another staff member, and I was told that he would send me a link telling me where to send an email for my request. But no link was sent and the salesperson is ignoring my call. Until today, he has refused contact, turned off his mobile phone and cannot be reached anymore.

On June 2, I wrote a letter and went straight to Citibank’s BurJuman branch (it was the same branch where they processed and denied my application). I spoke to a representative and expressed my request. They passed my case on to different people. After several hours of delays and excuses, I was told that they would check where my documents were, and asked me to expect a call. I went home empty-handed.

Since I did not receive any follow up call, on June 4, I called the representative and was told that for no reason, my documents had been forwarded to their Al Wasl branch and the BurJuman branch had not received it. They told me to call back on June 7. Again, I went home empty handed.

On June 7, I called and spoke with them and was told for the umpteenth time that they would coordinate with the head of the sales department. When asked what to expect, they did not disclose any information and expressed no intention to assist me further. There’s no intention to grant my request or to resolve my concern. Now, I am frustrated and still empty-handed.

After several attempts to get back my cheques from Citibank, I find all my efforts to have been futile.

It is my right to retrieve both my cheques, as there was no transaction made with Citibank.

My ordeal with Citibank prompted me to take action to protect myself from any legal matters. I hope for Gulf News’ immediate assistance in this regard.

From Ms Carmina Terrado


The management of Citibank responds:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Ms Terrado is a valued customer of Citibank UAE and we have reached out to her directly to make the necessary arrangements concerning her request.

She has collected her cheques. This matter stands fully resolved.

(Process initiation: June 25. Response from organisation: July 6. Process completion: July 27.)

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