Sumera Mohammad Abdul Malik Lack of illumination Families are reluctant to go out in the Abu Shagara area in Sharjah at night due to lack of street lights. Image Credit: Sumera Mohammad Abdul Malik

I moved to Sharjah with my family a year and a half ago. I am still unaccustomed to the area I live in; the reason for this is because of the way the it looks.

Abu Shagara is huge, but in some partially residential areas, such as behind the mall where there are several large, closely placed buildings, the streets are small and narrow and it’s difficult for families to do things, like go grab groceries from a nearby store, due to lack of street lights.

I am not saying there is no light at all, but whatever light there is comes from the lighting within the stores. The streets have some light poles, but are not switched on. It’s disturbing.

How can families with children navigate the area when they have to watch every step?

Cars regularly pass down the narrow streets, but at least they have the option of turning on their headlights. What about the residents?

The weather is changing and I am aware that summer is coming, but during the winter the days are shorter and night falls quickly, leading to darkness at around 5 or 6pm.

Abu Shagara is already pretty congested with scrap cars and lacks proper sidewalks. Not having any street lights further adds to the problems in the area.

I think putting street lights just around the main street isn’t something that residents are likely to be happy about. Street lights should be part of every area and focusing mainly on main streets is not adequate.

Prevention is better than the cure in terms of accidents. I would personally request the concerned authorities look into this matter and take appropriate action.


The reader is based in Sharjah.


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