The bike track on Jumeirah Beach Road has a concrete obstacle in the middle of the path which could pose a risk to cyclists. Image Credit: Sachi K. Gusani/Gulf News Reader

I was having a pleasant walk on Jumeirah Beach Road one Friday morning with my father. There was a cycling track dotting the entire stretch of road along with pedestrian walkways.

While crossing one of the roads, I came across a possible incorrect design. The concrete barrier dividing the road was placed right in the centre of the cycling track.

A cyclist speeding along the track with a momentary loss of focus can collide with the barrier and sustain serious injuries. I came across more such barriers and other obstacles all along the tracks as I walked the stretch.

Could this be a road design fault? Maybe the responsible authorities can look into the matter and do the needful.


— This reader is a Grade 10 pupil at Delhi Private School