I seek Gulf News’ assistance regarding my gratuity that was automatically withheld by Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) and adjusted to my personal loan.

Our company changed its name, and the change of name requires us to state that we have ended our employment with the old company, and signed a new contract with the new company name. I received a deposit with my end of service benefits (EOSB)/gratuity, with the old company’s name, to my DIB account.

Since I have an existing personal loan with my DIB account, the bank automatically withheld my EOSB/gratuity and adjusted my personal loan.

I find it unreasonable that I don’t get to receive my gratuity, even though I am still paying my Equivalent Monthly Instalment (EMI). I still wish to continue until it is fully settled, after paying for 48 months. I have submitted my salary transfer letter, salary certificate, passport copy, visa page and Emirates ID with the hope that they will release my gratuity.

As per my discussion with the DIB collections officer, he told me the new policy was implemented since September 1, 2017, which implies that any deposit pertaining to EOSB/gratuity will be automatically adjusted to the liability. Again, I find that policy unreasonable.

Yesterday, I was able to speak to the branch manager of DIB in Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi. He told me that my gratuity will be held by DIB, until I finish paying for my loan, and that is according to their company policy.

I hope Gulf News’ assistance can provide a reasonable and favourable result. I am hoping for an immediate response. Please assist me in this regard.

From Mr Jommar Samonte

Abu Dhabi

The management of DIB responds:

DIB confirms that the customer’s EOSB has been released on exceptional basis on November 13, 2017 considering the customer’s employer was not changed as well as the customer’s monthly salary.

The customer has been updated with the same, we now consider the matter to be closed and look forward to helping Mr Samonte in any other way we can in the future. We would like to remind our customers that certain policies cannot be altered or revoked. At DIB, we value our customers’ feedback and try to ensure that their requests or concerns are addressed in the best possible manner.

(Process initiation: October 13. Response from organisation: November 27. Process completion: December 3.)

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