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Young businessman with a briefcase and glasses running in a city street on a background of red brick wall. concept of rapid career Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What you need to know:

  • Our skills might not always meet our goals.
  • We need to have the capacity to achieve some of our dreams.

Sometimes, our skills cannot deliver our intentions. Most actions start with intentions. Most sports involve a team with one such simple intention. In a game of football, the intention of each player is just one, “I need to score before the opposing team does”.

Almost every touch, every kick from the players attacking or the ones defending is to achieve that goal. The intention is to score. But many a times, our skills just don’t match our intentions.

This is a significant fact of life. This is where the mindset we have counts and this is where the choices we make, counts. This decision is not a one-off decision, but one that is consciously and sub-consciously made throughout our lives. We are constantly evaluating our strengths, our weaknesses and our skills against our goals and our intentions. Sometimes we choose to change our goals, or give up on them all together, but sometimes we choose to grow, to achieve those goals. We choose to improve ourselves.

This is an equation that has a different answer for everyone, the answer can be to grow, to get better but the answer can also be to be satisfied with where you are at. Some goals, some dreams do not justify the sacrifices they need.

This trade-off between what we can do and what we want to do, needs a balance. If a balance is not achieved then the only way out is to either change or to accept the situation. And sometimes for all the glamour self-improvement brings, you need the grit of self-acceptance to help you out.

The reader is a Dubai-based analyst.