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Cash back offer

In March 2011, I received a message from Najm card saying, "Pay the utility bill from the card and get unlimited 5 per cent cash back during March 1-31, 2011. Terms and conditions apply."

I have paid utility bills using the card and the amount seems to be very high since it included the bills of my friends. I confirmed through telebanking in the final week of March and I was informed that I can pay any bill, including those of my friends, and get back 5 per cent after 60 days, as credit to my card.

However in June, Najm executives called me and asked for copies of bills paid by me to verify if these belonged to me or not. According to them, I am entitled only to pay my bills and not the bills of my friends.

However, it was never mentioned in the text messages I received from Najm that bills being paid should belong to the card-holder and also that customer should produce the copies of the bills paid for the purpose of verification by Najm executives. After several discussions with Najm representatives, the above matter still remains unresolved.

I request your newspaper to bring this matter to the attention of other credit card-holders to ensure they are aware of these otherwise lucrative schemes. These lack proper clarification from the credit card companies.

From Mr Rakesh Tiwari

A senior executive of MAF (Majid Al Futtaim) Finance, responds:

Please note that we have heard the conversation that the customer had with the Najm call centre agent regarding the cash back offer.

We had clearly informed [the] customer to use the card for his utility payments, but nowhere in the conversation [did he] mention that he would be paying for his friends. We have already spoken to the customer and shared the information with him and the case has been resolved from our end.

Cheque account

On June 22, 2011, I made an advance payment for my loan with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) at Nad Al Hamar branch and asked them to stop the cheque for my upcoming instalment due on July 2, 2011. My advance payment date was within the timeframe required for making any advance payment for PDC loan.

The next day, I called DIB's customer care centre and confirmed the details of advance payment of my due instalment and the request sent by Nad Al Hamar branch. My instalment date is the second of every month, but despite all confirmations, DIB presented the cheque to my account on July 2. I made the complaint in this regard on July 3.

I have asked DIB to resolve the issue as soon as possible because my rent cheque is due on July 7, and I am short of funds because of the double deduction of instalment amount but till now there has been no response from DIB.

I called customer services again and again, but every time, I get a new story and a new phone number of the recovery/legal department that I am supposed to contact in order to resolve the issue. I need a resolution as soon as possible, plus an apology letter from their side.

From Mr Arif Razzaq

A Dubai Islamic Bank spokesperson responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank would like to confirm that our customer support team has been in contact with Mr Razzaq to find a resolution to his query. We are pleased to say that the matter has now been resolved.