Lost cheque book

I would like to share an incident that happened to me recently while dealing with Mashreq bank.
I have two bank accounts, in Mashreq and another bank. Last month, I lost two cheque books (one from each bank). I did the necessary procedures by filing police complaints so that they could stop any payment related to the lost books. The process was very smooth and professional with the other bank. I did not even have to pay any charges.
As for Mashreq, I was surprised that Dh250 was deducted from my account without any notification as a charge for stopping payment on my lost cheque book (in case someone finds it and uses it).
After checking with telephone banking, I was told this is Stop Payment Charge. I placed a complaint and was told that someone would call me, but nothing happened. So, I went to the branch directly, and the same story, this is Stop Payment Fees. But on the Mashreq website, the service charge for stopping payment is mentioned as Dh50.
But the bank had a different take on this. The bank told me that the website means that Dh50 is charged for stopping payment for each cheque leaf. That is so tricky and they should have been more clear in mentioning it on their website that the charge mentioned is for a single cheque leaf.
However, I lost a full cheque book with 25 cheque leaves, which means that I was supposed to pay Dh1,250 (25 cheques worth Dh50 each). So, when I asked the bank to explain why I was charged Dh250, the answer was, the bank had the right to charge any amount they deemed fit.
Also, when I pointed out that my other bank did not charge anything to stop payments on my other lost cheque book, Mashreq bank said: “We are sure they will deduct, Check your statement because this is a Central Bank policy.”
For the record, this is not true. I recently closed my account with Dubai Islamic Bank and they had not mentioned anything about the stop payment fee.
I feel this is so tricky and unprofessional. Now Mashreq is charging Dh250, but who knows in future what the bank will charge for any other service since they have the right to do so. Hope my story will make others be aware of all bank charges and policies.
From Ms Fatima Bassaj

The management of Mashreq responds:
Thanks for sharing Ms Fatima Bassaj’s letter with us. As per our investigation, Ms Bassaj misplaced her cheque book and approached the bank to get a replacement after taking the necessary steps for such cases. In line with Central Bank guidelines, the bank charges Dh50 per leaf of the cheque book.
We have communicated with Ms Bassaj and reached to a resolution satisfactory to her. Thank you for seeking clarification.

Retained card
I want to make a complaint against Dubai Islamic Bank ATM machines. Unfortunately, my ATM card has been retained by the machine and in only two tries.
I have been trying to contact the service quality team/manager of my bank but in vain. I contacted the call centre who said that I had attempted four tries of entering incorrect password according to their system although it was only twice (I entered the correct Pin) and the machine took the card after the second try itself.
It seems ridiculous that the system shows four entries as everyone knows that all ATM machines operate in such a way that the card is automatically retained after the third incorrect entry.
I would be highly grateful if Gulf News could help me resolve this matter and publish it in the newspaper.
From Dr Tahseen Fatima Hashemi
Abu Dhabi

A Dubai Islamic Bank spokesperson responds:
Dubai Islamic Bank’s customer support team has explained to Dr Hashemi the reason for her card being retained. To ensure the security of our customers’ accounts, cards are retained if a PIN is entered incorrectly on multiple occasions, as occurred in this instance. Our customer support team has remained in contact with Dr Hashemi and we are pleased to say that an amicable resolution has been found.

Dr Hashemi responds:
I thank Gulf News team for helping me solve this issue.

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