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Amount on hold

I am writing this issue as I am sure Gulf News would be able to help me in resolving the same.

I have an account with Emirates NBD. In the month of February, I received my final settlement from my previous employer. In the same month, I joined a new company. Emirates NBD, without my knowledge or any notification, blocked Dh4,100 of my final settlement amount, stating there is outstanding on my credit card. Till date, Dh4,100 is blocked, while the outstanding is only Dh2,660.

I called the bank several times, but no department has a proper reason for holding the amount. I called them several times to seek advice on what documents are required, but received no help.

From Ms Sapna Narendra


The management of Emirates NBD responds:

We are pleased to inform you that our Group Customer Experience team has been in touch with Ms Narendra and addressed all her concerns.

We wish to clarify that owing to certain bank policies and regulations, Emirates NBD is responsible to ensure that certain measures are present at all times as a means of securing all finances that have been entrusted in its care. Moreover, as per the End of Service benefits policy, for all customers who have exited their previous employment, there is a hold placed on the account towards the end of service benefits, to recover any liabilities that the customer may have with the bank.

In line with the Group’s policy, customers are required to provide a Salary Transfer Letter and a copy of their stamped visa in order to continue with any liabilities that they may have with the bank. As per our records, Ms Narendra’s documents were in place except for the Salary Transfer Letter, which resulted in a hold being placed on her account. After our communication with Ms Narendra, she submitted the Salary Transfer Letter and subsequently, we have released the amount placed on hold in her account.

We have conveyed our sincere apologies to Ms Narendra for any inconvenience caused, and have reiterated our commitment to providing her with a superior service in her future transactions with Emirates NBD.

We would like to thank you for your continued support in offering us the opportunity to further assist our valued customers.

Ms Narendra responds:

Thank you for taking up this issue with the bank. It has helped me a lot, as my funds have been released.

(Process initiation: April 16. Response from organisation: April 22. Reader confirmation: April 22.)

Charged wrongfully

I have a MasterCard credit card issued by HSBC, wherein I have placed a standing instruction to pay off the amount that becomes due on the card through my account.

I am maintaining an account in US dollars as well as another one in UAE dirhams with the same bank.

Despite having sufficient funds in my account, the bank authorities charged me interest for non-payment. I fail to understand if bank has not deducted from my account, why I should be penalised with Dh1,697.10?

With more than a month of follow-ups, the transaction has still not been reversed.

I then received a call from the bank, confirming that they would only be able to reverse Dh600. This is a wrongful banking practice. HSBC deducts on the one hand and then bargains when it comes to the refund. So the policy is to charge and if the customer is ignorant, then leave it or start bargaining.

I request Gulf News to kindly help me get back these charges from HSBC.

From Mr Mohammad Aslam Shaikh


The management of HSBC responds:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Please note that we have contacted Mr Shaikh and his case has been resolved.

Mr Shaikh responds:

I have received the amount. I appreciate all the efforts taken in helping me resolve this issue.

(Process initiation: April 13. Response from organisation: April 22. Reader confirmation: May 7.)

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