RDS_181210 YT Complaints
Reader had to pay his internet bill for the month even though there was no connection at home. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

  • etisalat had not installed their instrument in the reader's building.
  • They could not take up the application for shifting the connection.
  • Reader had to pay half the eLife bill for the month unnecessarily.

I am an etisalat customer since 2015, and I was residing in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai. In July 2018 I had shifted to a brand new building in Muweilah Commercial area, Sharjah, near Nesto Hyper market and just opposite to Gems Millennium School.

Till now etisalat have not installed their instrument in the building. So, they are not ready to take up the application for shifting the connection. We had contacted 101 many times and all they want is EID number of the building. We can provide this only once the connection is established to the building and they themselves do not know when they could provide it.

I have to pay my half month eLife bill of July 2018 unnecessarily as I expected etisalat connection for me to apply for transferring it. I am fed up recharging my mobile data and every two days I need to keep “Data Add-On” and wasting so much money unwantedly. Recently by utilising etisalat safe custody provision, the connection had been temporarily suspended now, which I do not know how long I will have to extend it further.

The building owner had informed several times through the watchman, that he had wiring completion certificate from etisalat and the building is fully ready to be equipped with etisalat instrument. But etisalat is not providing the same and has no plans or tentative date for the same.

We are using the internet connection mainly for my work at home purpose and for my children as well. I need to download so many videos and watch Youtube online videos for my children activities. We are already stuck in this matter.

Etisalat have to install the instrument at the earliest on my building. All the tenants are of the same opinion and all are fed up in different ways as all are staying with their families. We are not seeing any positive response neither from etisalat nor from our building management in this regard.

Your immediate intervention would be very highly appreciated and looking forward for a positive action from your side for us to get the etisalat connection at the earliest. Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

From Mr Nigil George


The management of etisalat responds: Thank you for bringing Mr George’s concern to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise for all the inconvenience he may have faced. We would like to inform you that etisalat is still awaiting approval from the concerned government entities to proceed with the installation process at the customer’s building. The estimated completion time is on August 25 and is still subject to approval and onsite readiness. We have already reached out to the customer and provided him with an update. The case is closed.

Update from etisalat: Following government approval and onsite readiness, the installation process at the customer’s building has been completed as scheduled. Despite repeated calls to the customer, he failed to respond and has been unreachable ever since.

(Process initiation: July 25. Response from organisation: July 29. Process completion: September 23.)

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