Focus: Civic sense. Why do you think people lack civic sense? Image Credit: Adya Kiran

I would like to spread awareness among people that they should respect public transportation as it is a privilege and not a right.

Keeping this in mind, we must follow the rules because the term ‘public transport’ obviously means that it is used by the general public and not one single person or a family — unlike our personal cars.

The other day, when I travelled on a public bus, I came across a woman who put both her legs on the seat across from her. I was terribly annoyed as I might have unknowingly sat on that same seat.

This is how germs spread. Due to one person’s uncivilised act, a large number of people are affected.

Through this forum, I would like to request everyone who has this bad habit to kindly stop, because a large portion of the population uses these buses. They are not just for you.


The reader is a grade 10 student at Indian High School in Dubai.


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