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I would appreciate if my issue was raised with National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), as the bank has not responded yet. I have a credit card with NBAD. Previously, I was not able to pay the monthly payments on the due date, for which, I have been marked as delinquent customer (DC) in the Central Bank system. But later, the dues were paid and everything was up to date. Recently, I applied for a loan from RAKBANK and they had agreed to take over the outstanding on my card, which is from NBAD. Due to the Central Bank rating, RAKBANK is not able to take over the outstanding, for which, I had already provided a liability letter to them. I called up the collections office for NBAD, which is in Abu Dhabi and tried to sort out the issue with them, stating that if they change the rating in the Central Bank system — for which they would need to send an email to the Central Bank office — their outstanding would be settled, and I could avail the balance as a loan from RAKBANK. But it seems they are bent upon me paying the full outstanding, in order for them to change the rating. If I had the money to pay them, I would have paid it to them and sorted it out. Because I don’t have that much money, I have requested them several times through email, to just change the rating so that their outstanding can be settled. But the manager is just stuck on the fact that I have to pay the outstanding. I don’t have the money, from where can I pay them? RAKBANK is ready to take over the outstanding so that NBAD gets their money and the issue is solved. It’s been almost a month and I have not received a positive response from NBAD till date.

From Mr Pradeep Velayudhan


The management of NBAD responds:

Thank you for your constant cooperation and communication with us in the endeavour to best serve our customers and resolve their issues.

We have investigated Mr Pradeep Velayudhan’s complaint and below is our feedback.

Mr Pradeep was having irregularities with his Credit Card payments from the time it was issued in July 2012, therefore he was rated ‘DC’ on the Central Bank System. Our Collections team has been in constant contact with Mr Velayudhan since 2014, and also when he requested them in April 2015, to remove his name from the Central Bank listing. Our Collections department informed Mr Velayudhan to make a minimum payment in order to process his request.

On June 15, Mr Velayudhan made the minimum payment, after which his Central Bank rating has been updated to ‘AA’. We have been in contact with Mr Velayudhan, and all his concerns now stand positively resolved.

Thank you once again for your continuous support and valued efforts

Mr Velayudhan responds:

Thank you Gulf News for the help in resolving my issue with NBAD.

(Process initiation: June 13. Response from company: June 17. Reader confirmation: June 21.)

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