Problem with porting a number

On October 4, 2015, I transferred from a du phone number to etisalat, with the same digits, to avail their promo of 5GB data and 150 flexible minutes at Dh150 a month in a 24-month contract. On October 5, Sim porting was successful. On the next day, I received a call from an affiliate of etisalat, who offered me an iPhone 6S plan for 18 months. I told him that I had just activated a contract for a Dh150 plan, and asked if I could get only the phone. He said yes, just add Dh159 monthly. I sent him all the requirements through email.

On October 11, I received a message that the Business Plan had been successfully activated. I got a shock, as the bill was Dh2,783.23. I was not using the phone, and hadn’t even received the device. I told the agent about the issue and he asked me to go to the nearest etisalat Business Centre. I went to a business centre in Yas Mall and raised a complaint. But after a week, they found that the person who activated it was the main reason why they charged me Dh2,783.23 — he had done it wrong.

Etisalat’s business centre told me that they could not do anything, since the mistake was from their affiliate, the one who activated it. Etisalat’s billing department is always reminding me about the bill; I informed them that something was wrong in the bill and it was still under investigation. Now the line has been cut, and the agent is not doing anything. He keeps telling me to wait, but it has been 50 days. I am so stressed and bothered. Please help me, Gulf News.

From Mr Julian Gonzales

Abu Dhabi

The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved and the customer was updated.

Mr Gonzales responds:

I got a call from etisalat’s billing department and the amount has been reversed to my account. I don’t know how to thank Gulf News for helping me. The issue was resolved in just two days. I have peace of mind now. Thank you very much.

(Process initiation: December 7. Response from organisation: December 10. Reader confirmation: December 10.)

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