A pothole is seen on the street close a popular mal in Sharjah. Image Credit: Fatima Suhail

We are frequent shoppers at a mall located on the Al Wahda Street in Sharjah. However, due to the present situation of the roads leading to the mall, we are compelled to shop elsewhere.

In the past few months, the condition of the road has deteriorated to such an extent that it has become extremely difficult for motorists to drive. A major part of the road is broken and has countless potholes towards the rear entrance of the mall, as seen in the picture.

The problem becomes much more serious during the late evenings, due to a lack of street lights in this area. As a consequence, it is extremely dark and speeding vehicles often end up getting stuck in these trenches.

In some cases, the cars have been damaged due to these potholes and open pits as some motorists are not aware of the state of the road. Not only this, there are ruts even on the narrow road leading towards the main entrance of the mall. This has been there for many months now, with people having no option but to ignore and put up with it.

I have witnessed motorists braking suddenly or swerving to the lane of oncoming traffic and risking their lives to avoid these dents and potholes. As a result, we have stopped visiting the area later in the day since visibility is very poor and driving becomes a challenge.

I request the concerned authorities to kindly fill up these potholes as they cause a lot of inconvenience to residents and pose a major hindrance to motorists. Also, the area is in urgent need of street lights so that people do not get caught up in unpleasant incidences.

The reader is based in Sharjah.

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