During the month of December 2016, I visited etisalat in Abu Dhabi and briefly chatted with an agent on how to bring down my costs from Dh450 for the eLife plan to a cheaper plan so we could save some money for internet. The agent offered us a plan worth Dh359, which we agreed to undertake so it could cut our cost. We were told we would receive a single bill from the old account and a new bill for the new account plus Dh200 for the new line.

We were comfortably using our new line until a harrowing issue arose in the month of March. Etisalat called us through 101 to tell us that our outstanding bill for the old account was already overdue by Dh1,400 (a first reminder since December 2016), which really shocked us. Immediately, we went to the same branch to complain about it and they said that they had already filed for cancellation, but in the month of March, and not from the day we had applied for the new account. After a few days, they called up from 101 and said they could not act on the request since the branch did not request for a cancellation.

I went back to the branch to ask them why they did not apply for cancellation. The agent said they couldn’t have applied unless I had paid the full amount, which is not fair. I tried to complain in the main office at the airport, but I got the same advice — that I would have to go back to the branch to resolve the issue. I went back and said they could not do anything and that I would have to pay. The following week, I received a call again from 101 for an urgent payment, which has now ballooned to Dh1,800.

I therefore ask for Gulf News’ help, as etisalat has wasted so much time without giving me the necessary steps to stop the bills from piling up every month. I am willing to pay, but not to an account that doesn’t exist in my home anymore. The only solution for them is to pay this amount, but to me this isn’t fair at all.

I don’t know where to go from here. I already wasted time, money and effort just to compromise with etisalat to no avail.

Curiously, when I started my complaint in the first week of April, I received old reminders from etisalat through SMS, for payment reminders from December 2016. The purpose of my initial visit was to cut down the cost. Unfortunately, that purpose did not serve me well. I am hoping to receive positive resolutions on this case as the month is about to end. They will require me to pay for another month, which may reach a total of Dh2,200. From April 7, 2017, I did not receive any formal resolution to end my complaint with etisalat.

We just want the bill to be cut off immediately, to avoid the piling up of charges. We are willing to pay whatever amount is payable to them, which is a justifiable bill, but not with two accounts to be paid at the same time. I hope they will understand my situation.

From Ms Arlene Lagura


The management of etisalat responds:

Thank you for bringing Ms Lagura’s concerns to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise on all the inconvenience caused to her due to excess bill amount. Our team has taken the necessary action as the account is now ceased with an amount of Dh2,340 being refunded until the end of May 2017. Ms Lagura has agreed to pay the remaining Dh468.60 as she wants to transfer the landline under her name. The issue is now resolved and closed.

(Process initiation: May 1. Response from organisation: May 4. Process completion: May 30.)

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