Courtesy: G.V. Surajh Dangerous practice Cars parked illegally on the main road in Dubai’s Tecom area.


Over the past few months, the traffic and parking issues in Dubai’s Tecom area have worsened considerably.

In this area, there are a lot of offices, hotels and residential towers without sufficient parking spaces. Additionally, there are no proper pavements for pedestrians to walk on the side of the road. People walk on the road with their young children and even strollers. Driving on these roads is so dangerous as we never know when people will walk across the road.

But, the worst issue is of cars parked incorrectly. Motorists park their vehicles wherever they find space, sometimes even on the main roads and take up almost half a lane on the curve (as seen in photograph).

Anyone would know that parking like this will cause problems for traffic flow, but they still don’t seem to care.

Another issue that I’ve witnessed many a times is that of finding massage parlour visiting cards on cars and the floor. If you park your vehicle in this area, you fill find around 10 cards stuck on your windshield or side windows when you are back. The vehicle owners usually just throw these on the ground and they get scattered across the road. It causes pollution and is an eyesore.

I would appreciate if the concerned authorities could look into this serious matter and fix the problem.


— The reader is a consultant based in Dubai.


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