Please help me get a refund for a wrongly charged overlimit fee, by Emirates Islamic Bank, on my credit card statement for December 2017.

I paid Dh2,000 towards my credit card when I received my salary on November 27, 2017. Once the payment to the credit card was completed successfully, and I received a confirmation SMS from the bank, I made a telephone bill payment through internet banking, where I confirmed that the available limit was more than Dh2,000 and paid the bill amount.

On a side note, I am very much aware of my available limit and was waiting for my salary, to pay my credit card bill. Only once I did that did I pay for my telephone bill.

In my account statement, it is clearly mentioned that the credit card payment was transacted on November 27. In my credit card statement as well, this payment is reflected as a completed transaction on November 27, which was posted on November 28.

When I queried my bank about this, I was told that their system was being updated in 24 hours. So the payment of Dh2,000 which I made on my credit card on November 27, was actually updated on November 28.

But as for the bill payment, which I paid after clearing my credit card, was updated on the same date as my transaction. And because of that, I have crossed my available limit (as per their system), resulting in the application of an overcharge fee. As per the bank, it is correct, and my query for a refund was cancelled.

Please note, there was no urgency to pay for both the credit card and telephone bill, as there were enough days prior to the due dates for both. I was in India at that time, but as per regular practice, I paid for my credit card dues once I received my salary on that day.

From Mr Alpesh Shivshankar


The management of Emirates Islamic responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Shivshankar’s concerns to our attention.

Our Customer Experience team has been in touch with Mr Shivshankar and the issue has been resolved to his satisfaction.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Emirates Islamic is committed to providing the best customer experience to all our clients.

Mr Shivshankar responds:

Overlimit fee has been reversed by Emirates Islamic and the charged amount has been credited back to my card account. Thank you Gulf News, for taking the time to resolve the issue in a positive manner. I also thank Emirates Islamic staff as they checked and took the appropriate action in a short time.

(Process initiation: January 9, 2018. Response from organisation: January 11, 2018. Reader confirmation: January 13, 2018.)

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