Dunia Finance has charged me two months worth of overlimit fees for June 2016 and November 2016 in my August 2017 statement. My card had a positive balance as of July 24, 2017, of Dh122.99. I had cleared all the payments at the same time in 2016 and now, after one year, they are charging me, which I am not going to accept.

I sent an email to them on August 2, 2017 as soon as I received an SMS on my registered mobile number, stating that I would have to make a minimum payment of Dh759.83; I was shocked to see that. Dunia Finance did not get back to me on email neither did they call me. When I called them, they said the issue would be cleared.

Again, I called them on August 21 and 22, and the customer service representative tried to convince me to pay the November 2016 overlimit fee. I said I would not pay and would raise a complaint with Gulf News. Later, the customer service manager called me, and said that my June 2016 overlimit had already been reversed to my card and I would have to pay the November 2016 overlimit fee. I didn’t agree to pay and since it was August 22, 2017, my payment due date, I asked him how I am supposed to make the payment, as I don’t have the additional money and I had already made a minimum payment of Dh172 on August 9, 2017, which I pay every month. I also told him since they charged overlimit fees for June 2016 and November 2016, my credit card is showing a negative amount and I will not pay any late payment fees or overlimit fees for the current month as I have already completed my minimum payment on August 9, 2017.

Dunia Finance made a mistake in my August 2017 statement. I will not agree to any charges on my Dunia credit card. I will not accept November 2016 overlimit fees and any charges to my credit card.

Gulf News, please try to help me with my issue with Dunia.

From Ms Jency Barreto


The management of Dunia Finance responds:

Thank you for your email dated August 30, 2017, as part of which you have shared Ms Barreto’s query with us.

As you are aware, for confidentiality reasons as per UAE Central Bank, we are unable to share any account information of a customer holding an account(s) with us. We are, therefore, unable to confirm if Ms Barreto, is our customer at Dunia, or not, and are not, therefore, in a position to disclose specific resolution details with your publication.

We assure you that for each such query received from you, we ensure that, where the query is indeed from a bona fide customer of ours, our senior team immediately reviews the case details on priority to help resolve the underlying issues(s), if any. We also ensure that a response is immediately sent to the customer with a resolution at the earliest. Our focus, in all such cases when a Dunia customer writes to you, is to comprehensively review the matter and provide a satisfactory response to ensure an early resolution.

Please consider this email as our formal confirmation, of our having already responded to the Gulf News reader with a comprehensive resolution, in case your reader is our Dunia customer. Please do understand that we need to ensure this confidential approach so as to be able to comply with our stringent internal governance standards on customer confidentiality and information security – as expected by our regulators and also by our customers, in line with global practice.

We trust this closes and satisfactorily resolves the matter.

(Process initiation: August 30. Response from organisation: September 5.)

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