I have had National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) [which has merged with FGB to form First Abu Dhabi Bank] credit cards for at least six years. I am satisfied with their services, such as marketing, promotional offers and so on. However, I lost my job seven months ago, and couldn’t pay the minimum fee regularly, because I faced cash flow issues. I found a new job in January 2017. I went through with the minimum payment over the past three months, as requested by them. Recently, I informed the bank about the issue and requested them to create an instalment plan so I could settle the loan. My outstanding amount was Dh12,333.43 in my August 2016 statement, and I was surprised that my current amount was Dh28,766.30, even though my card limit is Dh18,000. I requested for my credit card statements, but they did not provide them. They replied that my account was blocked so they would not be able to send the documents. Kindly provide a reasonable amount and payment plan to help me resettle my liabilities. I prefer a diminishing interest rate, as I will settle it as soon as possible, based on the cash I have at hand. I hope NBAD management will support me in this matter, as I would like torepay the amount. It would help if they waived the huge interest rate, which I was charged when I was unemployed.

From Mr Vineeth Vijayan

Abu Dhabi

The management of NBAD responds:

Thank you for your constant cooperation and communication with us in the endeavour to best serve our customers and resolve their issues.

We have investigated Mr Vijayan’s complaint and below are our findings:

Mr Vijayan has credit cards with NBAD. He lost his job in August 2016 after which, we observed irregularities in his repayments. Our Recoveries team has been in touch with him since November 2016 to request him to continue making at least the minimum payments. On February 7, 2017, Mr Vijayan called our Contact Centre to request for his credit card statements and our Recoveries department called him back on the same day to request him to visit the Recoveries Department, which is just across the street from where he lives, and submit copies of his new employment documents so that they could review his request for Easy Payment Plan, and also provide him copies of his monthly statements. Mr Vijayan mentioned, during the call, that he was busy during working days and our Recoveries Officer offered to come to work on Saturday to assist him with his requirements. Mr Vijayan did not revert, nor did he visit our Recoveries department to discuss the matter further. We have again contacted Mr Vijayan after receiving this complaint and have requested him to visit us and have also clarified to him that all the charges levied on his credit card have been accurately billed.

Thank you once again for forwarding the complaint to us. Our Customers Experience is very important to us and we are thankful for the opportunity to respond.

Mr Vijayan responds:

Thank you very much, Gulf News, for the support. I haven’t received any feedback from NBAD till now and I have to submit all the requested documents on time. I would appreciate if this issue could be raised with NBAD’s management again. Thank you.

NBAD responds:

Thank you for forwarding us Mr Vijayan’s concerns. Our Recoveries team met with Mr Vijayan on March 6, 2017 and worked out a settlement plan, the details of which, were also shared with him via an email. We have also informed Mr Vijayan that he has been given our best offer and there is no further consideration possible. Thank you once again for your continuous support and valued efforts.

Mr Vijayan responds:

Thank you. I have finalised issues with NBAD. Once again, thank you Gulf News, for intervening and extending support.

(Process initiation: February 28, 2017. Response from organisation: March 2, 2017. Process completion: March 24, 2017.)

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