A few days ago, I came across this horrendous sight of a lamppost with open wires on my way to a famous restaurant in the Abu Shagara area of Sharjah. This open lamppost is posing a threat to the public, including children, and seems like it is waiting to grasp the public into its deadly trap.

We all know how careless children are when it comes to playing or cycling with their friends. God forbid if the wire gets stuck in the handlebar and the rider gets a shock, who is to be blamed?

When children are told not to go close to things that are harmful to them, their curiosity causes them to investigate.

I also noticed that many children were carrying water bottles with them whilst exiting the restaurant. What if the children accidently pour the water on the open wires? This may lead to fatal injuries.

During the summer, the humidity levels are increasing at a fast pace. If those small water droplets come in contact with these open circuit wires, it can cause a short circuit and wipe out the available light in the area.

To be on the safe side and to prevent accidents from happening, I urge the authorities to get this lamppost repaired without any further delays. This immediate action can help save the lives of many.


The reader is a pupil based in Sharjah.


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