No way to cancel credit card

This is regarding the credit card from Samba bank I received. Its agent earlier said it’s life time free card at the time of application. But I noticed there is Dh100 joining fee and thus I refused. Then he said he is paying Dh100 on behalf of his customers, which he paid in some applications he sourced from my company. But in my case whenever I called he said he paid the joining fee but the statement is showing it’s outstanding. I didn’t activate the card till now, and he stopped picking my phone calls.

Then I tried calling the bank several times on toll free number but there is no option to contact [bank officer] or complain. I tried some branch telephone numbers as well but nothing worked to contact the bank. There is no customer care email contact on the web of Samba. I don’t have any means to communicate to the bank to cancel the card. Kindly help me solve the issue.

From Mr Atiq Ahmad Shaikh


The management of Samba responds: With regards to the customer’s concerns, we would like to advise you that upon receipt of this letter, the customer was contacted and his query has been resolved to his satisfaction.

Mr Shaikh responds: It’s really overwhelming the way Gulf News took this small issue. It shows your commitment towards the society and that makes you number one newspaper. I received a call from Samba and they have reversed the charges. Keep it up.

(Process initiation: April 23. Response from organisation: April 28. Reader confirmation: April 29.)

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