Image Credit: Mohammad Zeeshan

The photographs were taken at Al Safia Park in the Al Majaz area, Sharjah. This is the only park in this area and thus is always a busy place. During the evenings, children visit the park to play. However, I don’t know why the authorities have closed one of the gates, as it is causing a lot of trouble to the community, especially to elderly people, pregnant women and children.

If you want enter the park, you have to walk around the perimeter of the park and use another gate, which is located on the other side and is quite far off. I have noticed pregnant women who are troubled trying to walk around to enter the other gate. They want to go for a walk inside the park but are unable to do so because of the closed gate. Elderly people are also forced to walk in the dark and on the uneven pathway.

It is also very dangerous for children who are seen jumping over the fence around the park, which is very sharp. I have seen so many children falling down and getting hurt severely. I once saw a child who fell and broke a tooth. I have also seen children carrying their bicycles over the fence, which is very hard to transfer over the grill and they end up injuring themselves in the process.

I request the authorities to please open this gate to avoid future accidents.

There is another issue that I would like to highlight. Electric wires inside the lampposts in the park are left exposed. This is a very busy park and the wires are a big threat to children. If they happen to touch it by mistake, a big mishap can happen. I request the authorities to please cover these wires as soon as possible to avoid any unfortunate incidents.


The reader is a business development manager based in Dubai.


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