I was holding an Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) credit card only because I had a salary transfer account in the same bank. I was getting a lifetime free credit card from many other banks but just to maintain my loyalty with the bank I took this paid credit card.

In December 2012 I was charged Dh400 from the bank as fees for 2013 [annual membership fee]. I went to a bank branch and asked if I could cancel my card and get the amount refunded, I was told that if I clear all my outstanding amount before the end of 2012 I can go ahead with the closure of the card and a refund can only be initiated then. Immediately I cleared my entire outstanding amount and then initiated my card closure process and didn’t use my card since the day (December 2012).

I was calling the bank every day to know the status and each time I get different answers. Sometimes they would tell me that the card has been cancelled and the refund is in process, Other times they would say that they do not have any update. The last positive response I got was that I would be getting the refund via cheque soon.

But, suddenly, when I called the bank I got the message: “My card has been cancelled but I will not get the refund of the annual fees of 2013.” I was shocked to know that. I asked them to re-activate the card as I have already paid the full fees of 2013 if they can’t refund. They said they can’t do that as well as it’s against their policy.

If this was the case they could have informed me at the very start of the process. This is misleading. I lost my money and the card as well. My hard earned money has gone for a toss. I had a long relationship with EIB and I was a privileged customer but this incident has ruined everything. I will try to change my salary account to some other bank, which at least gives some respect to their regular customer.

I request the bank to come to some mutual conclusion. 
From Mr Mohammad Esmail Soliman


The management of Emirates Islamic Bank responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Soliman’s concerns to our notice. On behalf of Emirates Islamic Bank, I would like to inform you that this matter has now been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both the customer and the bank.

Our customer service quality team has investigated the matter thoroughly and found that the customer’s request was valid. Without further ado, the relevant division at EIB has reversed the Dh400 that was charged for annual membership. As a token of Emirates Islamic Bank’s appreciation and understanding of the difficulties faced by Mr Soliman, the bank has also re-issued the card for him free of charge for one year. Emirates Islamic Bank has also contacted the customer directly and informed him of the steps taken by the bank in resolving the matter.

We regret the inconvenience faced by our valued customer Mr Soliman in this instance, and would like to assure him that appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that this will not happen again.

Mr Soliman responds: I thank Gulf News for the help and support. Actually, my case is resolved and I’m really satisfied.

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