Image Credit: Alex M.

I am working in a construction company located in Al Sajaa Industrial Area in Sharjah. During the peak hours, I travel against the flow of traffic. I used to travel on Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road while commuting. However, in the past few months due to the ongoing construction work at National Paints roundabout there is heavy traffic on the way to Dubai.

So I opted to go further down to the Emirates Road and take the Al Khawaneej exit and passing through the road adjacent to the Muhasinah labour accommodation.

Even though it is a long journey I enjoyed the travel without any traffic hassles. But in the recent months the traffic started building up on this stretch of road as well as the Salik evaders found a new road to go to Sharjah.

My concern is not the traffic, as I have been experiencing it for years. But, it is awful when we are in a queue in the traffic block and other vehicles go through the sand and get to the front of the line, causing delays. I have seen a few police patrol cars in this area, but people continue to break the line every day and creating a nuisance. They cause stress to the motorists who are waiting in the line and following the traffic rules.

I request the concerned authorities to please do something about this situation. We are ready to wait in the traffic to cross the roundabout. If the authorities could block access to the sand plot by using barricades it would be really helpful.

The reader is based in Dubai.

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