Migrate first?

I am a subscriber of eLife Double Play with etisalat and have been getting repeated calls from them to upgrade to Triple Play. I have declined the offer several times, because I was moving out of my residence. On November 6, 2014, I called their customer care and requested for migration to Triple Play, as well as to register a change in my location.

The agent informed me that he cannot process both requests at once and advised me to request for migration first and then upon completion of the process, to place a request for shifting. I hope that this conversation is recorded in their system. I followed his advice and placed a request for migration to Triple Play.

The process was completed within two days, on November 8, and I immediately called customer care with my request for shifting. But the representative informed me that it was not possible and I should cancel the current subscription and apply for a new connection at my new location.

I also visited their business centre and got the same reply — that I should pay early termination charges. I sent an email to etisalat, explaining the situation, with a request to exempt me from the cancellation charges. But I received a reply saying that I should pay the termination charges and other charges amounting to more than Dh500.

I seek Gulf News’ intervention, since it was on the advice of their representative that I opted for an upgrade. Etisalat should consider that their staff has misinformed a customer.

Moreover, I do not want to cancel my subscription altogether and I am willing to continue with the subscription at my new location. I sincerely hope that etisalat would offer me a satisfactory solution and help me avoid undue charges.

From Mr Javeed Hussain


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved and the customer has confirmed the same.

Mr Hussain responds:

Etisalat did respond, however I would like to inform that the issue has been resolved only partly. On December 9, an etisalat representative called and informed that the cancellation charge of Dh500 had been reversed. He also instructed me to return the set top box by visiting any etisalat branch in Dubai in order to reverse the other charges. Accordingly, I visited etisalat’s Al Twar business centre the following day, with the equipment. However, they refused to accept the equipment and informed that the charges would stay.

I again registered a complaint regarding their refusal to accept the equipment. Since then, I have not received any response from etisalat.

The management of etisalat responds:

The case is resolved. The amount charged towards the set top box have been refunded.

Mr Hussain responds:

I can confirm that the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. I am thankful to Gulf News for intervening in this matter, and for etisalat’s resolution.

(Process initiation: December 5, 2014. Response from organisation: December 10. Reader response: April 23, 2015.)

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