Woman walking alone
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Social media users shared how much they cherish alone time. Some discussed how technology and the internet have changed the dynamic of being alone.

This is what some Facebook users thought...

Singh Inder: Yeah you can see me sitting and eating alone in food courts, watching movies alone. I love doing this.

Lamiya Siraj: Every one has technically become alone in this era of gadgets. Busy with the virtual world but hardly knows the person sitting or standing beside. In such a lifestyle if you have people around you and in your life who love and care for you, then you are truly blessed. Understanding this if your loved one gives you your time leaving you alone for sometime, it should be taken positively and appreciated. Utilise the best of it and value it. Give the best results as one need to be alone for sometime with own self.

Waqar Ahmed Butt: But internet browsing kills it.

Heena Manish Kapoor: ‘Me time’ is much needed in today’s busy world... some time during the day or atleast some time during the week when we interact with no-one but ourselves... do not get distracted by gadgets, social media or any person around us. This time helps us to reflect on our day, pursue our hobbies and simply relax.

Rosette Neskie: I love my own space.