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As a Gulf News reader for several years, I am seeking the newspaper’s help to find me a solution for my problem with Union National Bank (UNB).

In January 2015, I received a UNB card. The salesperson made me apply for this card, saying there were high card limits, facilities and more. However, I understand that’s a common and wrong practice that many salespersons practice when selling credit cards. When I received the card, I called and deactivated credit shield and other such hidden charges.

When I used the card for the first time, the credit limit was Dh35,000. I used the full value. When I got the statement, it was correct and I paid it on time and cleared it. However, when I used it for the second time, with the same value, I received a credit card statement with a lot of different charges, like credit shield, amounting to around Dh100. Because of that, I had another Dh200 charge for overuse charges. Thus, they charged me an extra Dh300.

When I contacted the bank, they asked me to approach any of the banks in person, so I went and made a complaint and they promised it would be reverted within four to five working days. They said I had nothing to worry about.

So I paid Dh35,000, thinking that Dh300 will be reverted later, and when I received the next statement, I saw this Dh300 turn to Dh750. When I contacted the bank, they said they would make another complaint and it would be reverted for each request. They said it would take at least three to four weeks to respond. By June, it went up to Dh1,550 and I went to the bank with another written complaint. They promised that the amount would be reverted, but the next month, it turned out to be Dh2,550. Now, it’s the third time I went to the bank and they said this issue would be escalated to the higher authorities. They guaranteed it would be done. This time, I mentioned I am going on vacation in August, hence urged them to close the issue before I went for vacation. But when I returned, I realised the amount had turned into Dh1,990.

I am bound with certain limitations and I seek the support of Gulf News to help me in this regard. Please close this issue immediately with the bank.

From Mr Lejo Chemmanda John



The management of UNB responds:

The issue has been resolved over a month ago.


Mr John responds:

I received a call from UNB on October 14 and they confirmed that they are going to reverse all wrong charges, however I don’t trust this statement, as it’s not the first time they have said this to me. I will wait till the next statement is generated and confirm it. I received an SMS on October 12 from UNB, as a warning to pay all my dues immediately or else face legal notices. I wasn’t in town when I received it, hence I ignored it. Also, in the last seven months of disputes, I never received any call nor any SMS to pay the dues.

Meanwhile, if this has really been reversed, I want to thank Gulf News for considering my humble request and for escalating this issue and helping me resolve it.


Mr John updates:

It has been three weeks. I called the bank and they confirmed that the entire amount has been reversed. I sincerely thank Gulf News for this timely help.


(Process initiation: October 6. Response from organisation: November 10. Reader confirmation: November 19.)


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