Machine eats up card

At Mashreq Bank in Mall of Emirates, Dubai, I wished to use a cash deposit machine to deposit money into my account, on February 2. When asked, I put my debit card in the machine and waited for the number to be read. I did not touch the machine after using my card, and waited patiently. Then, the machine took my card and came up with the message, ‘sorry this machine is temporarily out of order’.

When I went to the customer service desk, I was offered no apology and was told I would have to pay Dh25 to replace the card! Why must I pay to replace a card when it was the bank’s fault that the machine had an error and not mine? What about the inconvenience to me? What about the hour I wasted trying to sort this out? Will I be compensated?

I asked for the branch manager and was told he was not available and wouldn’t be until after 3pm. The deputy branch manager was informed about my situation but did not speak with me.

I really feel this is a terrible way to treat customers. Instead of saying they were sorry for the problem and the inconvenience it has caused me, and assuring me they would replace the card free of charge, they have charged me for it.

I would really appreciate Gulf News helping me with this issue.

From Ms Deborah Pearmain


The management of Mashreq Bank responds:

Thank you for bringing Ms Pearmain’s complaint, pertaining to her branch experience, to our notice.

To begin with, we would like to convey our sincere apology to Ms Pearmain for the unpleasant experience encountered.

We have investigated the facts and as stated by her, Ms Pearmain’s ATM card was captured in the machine. Although the Branch did issue her an instant card while she reported the capture, we do believe that her experience could have been a great deal better. We have spoken to her and offered our sincere regret in the matter.

Her feedback against the Branch staff has been taken very seriously and strict disciplinary action has been taken to ensure that such ignorant behaviour is not repeated.

As a customer-focused bank, we take no pleasure in seeing our customers inconvenienced, hence as a gesture of good will and without prejudice or admission of liability, we will reverse the charges to Ms Pearmain’s account along with a polite token of apology. She is satisfied with the resolution.

Thank you once again for seeking our clarification.

Ms Pearmain responds:

Yes, they have refunded Dh25 and apologised. I had struggled to find a suitable means to convey my problem to Mashreq Bank, as previous emails and calls had failed to bring about a resolution. I have been informed that there is an option to log a complaint through the online banking, which is great to know, although hopefully, I will have no need for it. I really do appreciate all the help in the matter.

(Process initiation: February 11. Response from organisation: February 12. Process completion: February 23.)

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