Pedestrians struggle to cross the road in Al Nahda. Image Credit: Othman Qazi/Gulf News Reader

Looking for safe passage Car accidents have always been a concern in the UAE but increasing attention is being placed on pedestrian safety of late.

Although the number of pedestrian deaths in Dubai fell drastically — from 116 in 2008 to 42 in 2010 — many roads in the country still lack proper pedestrian facilities such as zebra crossings, footbridges, and speed humps.

Run for your life: UAE residents are being forced to jaywalk dangerously due to a lack of pedestrian crossings.

        Credit: Cecilie Kallestrup, Videography and Manuel Almario, Reporting

Earlier this month, two women were killed after being hit by a vehicle as they crossed a major highway in Sharjah. In an online poll, 73 per cent of people felt they did not have enough pedestrian crossings in their neighbourhood. But just how bad is the situation? Watch a video on gulfnews.com as community journalists Cecilie Kallestrup and Manuel Almario visit some of the areas highlighted by readers in a survey. Gulf News' community reporters also give an indication by writing about their concerns over pedestrian safety in a variety of UAE locations.