Littering Above: Tough laws need to be in place to eliminate littering in public places.

Recently, as is usual, I went to my car one afternoon and came across this sight. I saw a disposable cup with tea kept on my car.

Later, I noticed that a lot of tea had been splashed onto my car door.

Nearby, there is a cafe and I used to see a man always buy tea from this shop and sit in the parking lot. When he would finish, he would never bother to go back to the shop and dispose the cup.

He would drop the tea cup on the ground, regardless of the fact that cars have parked nearby and leave the cup at his convenience.

I believe tough laws needed to be in place to eliminate such littering in public places. I request the authorities to instruct restaurants to place warning notices/signs against littering. Stop littering and keep Dubai clean!

The reader is based in Dubai

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