I have been chasing du to clear my wife’s number and transfer it to my name, since the past three months, but no one is taking any action.

In November 2015, a du representative visited me at work and offered me a good plan. I agreed and signed the contract and he asked for my ID. I told him my Emirates ID was under process for renewal. So, he informed me that I could register it under a friend’s name and once my ID became active, I could transfer it.

However, when I visited a centre to transfer the contract, they said I would have to pay more than Dh1,000 to do it as they would need to cancel the contract.

The number was registered under someone’s name who needs to leave the country soon, the bills are being paid by me and the line is being used by my wife. I went to du with the person whose ID we had used and he signed a document to confirm that he does not mind if I take the number.

I then asked them to cancel it due to their bad service but they keep ignoring my e-mails and requests. Whenever I go to their head office in Abu Dhabi, the manager always says that the concerned person will contact me shortly.

I request Gulf News’ help in this case.

I also have another problem with du. I transferred my line to another telecommunications company from du in June 2016 and only in October, they discovered an unpaid bill of Dh250 and disconnected my line.

I was never informed that I had a bill to pay. In addition to that, the employee who made the routing request to the other company said that my history was clear and I had no outstanding bills. I called du to check and they said it was a mistake and I would need to pay Dh250 or my line would remain disconnected.

I called the bill payment number and paid through the phone. The amount was deducted and the line never worked. I went there the next day and paid Dh250 again and filed a request to refund the Dh250, which was paid through the phone’s automated service.

It has been three months and they keep asking me for wired reference numbers. They also asked me to provide a bank statement so they can track the payment. I have provided them the payment reference number from the bank many times. Whose responsibility is this?

From Mr Amir Ebrahim Bacha


The management of du responds:

In response to Mr Bacha’s query, our billing team has looked into his case. The team found that due to a human error, the customer’s request did not reflect in the system. We have reached an amicable solution with the customer and in parallel have taken action on the sales agent. We apologise for any inconvenience he faced.

Mr Bacha responds:

The amount of Dh250 was refunded. Thank you Gulf News, for the help.

(Process initiation: November 15. Response from organisation: December 1. Reader confirmation: December 1.)

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