Mohammad Zeeshan Lack of civic sense The reader was horrified to see people leaving food and soft drink cans on parked vehicles belonging to others. Image Credit: Mohammad Zeeshan

I have witnessed an uncivilised practice several times and would now like to bring it to the attention of the authorities. Sometimes I wonder how people can behave in this manner. In the photographs, it is visible that people leave things such as tea cups, water bottles and even food on other people’s parked cars. This is a form of littering.

I have seen people enjoying a cup of tea at a cafeteria and then instead of throwing the cup in a garbage bin they leave it on a parked car and walk away.

A few days ago, close to Al Ittihad Road in Sharjah, I was totally shocked to see a man driving his car without noticing that an uncivilised individual had left a cup of coffee on the trunk of the car. After a while, the motorist applied the brakes and the cup fell, spilling coffee on his car.

On several occasions, I have seen people leaving behind empty bottles. The worst was when I came across a car with empty plates of food on its hood. This was outside a cafeteria so I assume that some people must have had some kind of fast food in their car and then didn’t spend any time in disposing off the plates properly. Instead, they left them on the car parked next to theirs and drove off.

I request the authorities to penalise such people.

The reader is a business development manager based in Dubai.

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