I have an issue with regard to my Samba Titanium card. When I called them in March 2017, the customer care representative informed me that my card had been converted to a Supercharged Titanium credit card. As per this card’s terms, I would get 5 to 10 per cent cashback depending on the slab criteria, with a minimum spend of Dh2,500. This would result in a monthly cashback of approximately Dh400 to Dh500 based on my spend pattern.

I started using the card with a monthly spend of more than the required limit of Dh2,500. However, I only received cashback as per my earlier scheme, which was quite less.

I did spend Dh1,100 in March against medical expenses in April (where it should be 10 per cent cashback) and in May, I spent more than Dh1,000 on each transaction and made three or four transactions. However, I did not get five per cent cashback as promised.

I complained a couple of times, however, it has not been resolved. In May, when I complained, I was informed by a customer care representative that my card had been converted to Supercharged Titanium in May.

After another complaint on July 30, a Samba representative called and informed me that my card was still not converted to Supercharged Titanium and I would need to send an application.

I requested them to convert my card to Supercharged Titanium and also resolve the earlier complaint by giving the legitimate cashback as promised earlier, per scheme. It is not the customer’s fault if the bank doesn’t do its work in converting the card on time.

Also, note that since January 2017, whenever I call them, I have to wait for 30 minutes or more to contact a customer care representative.

I request Gulf News to take up my case with the bank and help in resolving the issue.

From Mr Shital Sheth


The management of Samba responds:

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention and we have advised customers use either the Central Bank of the UAE or Samba’s complaints Department, which indeed are the proper channels for customers to raise complaints.

Customer was erroneously advised by a Samba phone agent that the customer’s card had been converted to a Supercharged card.

This mistake has been rectified and the customer has been credited with the cashback that he was supposed to earn under the Supercharged scheme and we will be converting his card to the new scheme as per the customer’s request. Customer is satisfied with the outcome and agreed to withdraw his complaint. At Samba Financial Group we endeavour to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Mr Sheth responds:

The issue is partly resolved. The cashback has not yet been credited, but a promise has been made to credit the cashback when my next bill is generated. The cashback has only been considered for the month of June. The cashback for March and April were not considered. Bank has given a justification that in March, the scheme was not introduced and they could not trace my call recording, which I made in March, hence, they couldn’t give me a higher cashback for April.

I have requested them to check the call recording again, but they said they don’t have a system where they can check a call based on a credit card number. This limitation is causing customers much inconvenience as they may call from an office number.

Initially, they could not locate my calls in May, however, after insisting, they checked again and found it. I am still not sure why they could not locate my March calls. I am partially satisfied as at least some resolution has been provided. I thank Gulf News for its intervention.

Samba responds:

Customer is satisfied with the outcome of his complaint and his consent was taken to close the complaint on a recorded line. At Samba Financial Group we endeavour to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Mr Sheth responds:

I would like to confirm that the complaint is now closed.

(Process initiation: August 7. Response from organisation: August 15. Reader confirmation: August 20.)

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