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With the new year just starting, people are holding onto their resolutions. Some might consider getting more alone time a blessing and would like more of it in the future. Is getting solitude important or is it overrated? Gulf news readers discuss


Alone time is needed for reflection and introspection

I personally find alone time a sanctuary. Life may get overwhelming at times and choosing to intentionally take some time away allows for personal reflection and introspection. Nonetheless, social interaction is a crucial aspect for human beings to function . It is in our nature to find comfort in peoples support and validation. This should not be construed as detrimental as it encourages us to better ourselves. However, It is definitely a balance that is required to remain social yet confident in yourself to be alone rather than being unsocial and in need of people’s validation for self worth. Nonetheless a person’s character does need to be taken into account. It finally comes down to a personal check of whether one needs their alone time to build on themselves or whether they require it to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, which can be a cause for concern.

From Ms Naomi Verghese

Law student based in Dubai

Quality of life

Certain lifestyles

It is not uncommon for people to avoid being alone at times, either because of the lifestyle they live or maybe other deeper insecurities.

Whether this is a problem or not is really subjective. If a person, who’s lifestyle doesn’t allow them to have time alone, it does not necessarily mean, that is something they need to change. As long as you are progressing towards your goals, you do not really need alone time. However, if you are uncomfortable with being alone, rather than it being a part of your lifestyle, you might need to work on that as it is important to not be reliant on others for your wellbeing.

In my opinion, there are many other things people could need to focus on, that would more or less have a greater impact on the quality of their life. Things like finding a purpose and working to achieve that, or being more introspective and developing on one’s flaws. Again this topic is really subjective that even debating it may seem trivial. They’re a lot more things in life to worry about than if you’re spending enough time by yourself.

From Mr Don Joel

Law student based in Dubai

Stepping out helps

Solitude doesn’t have to be negative

When a person isolates themselves from the world, people often look at them negatively. But is it as bad as it is portrayed to be? Entering 2020 with a positive mindset we can look alone time for much more than what people make of it.

Living in a Digital age we often get wrapped up around social media and what it has to offer, this takes away from our alone time as you are constantly in the cycle of interactivity.

Personally I would say that Alone time is Underrated and does not get as much importance as we should be giving it. With alone time you get the benefits of self discovery, productivity, creativity and most importantly allow yourself to work on your mental health.

I believe us individuals must learn to step out of reality and step into a moment of self reflection. Giving yourself time will allow you to go through a series of self-questioning where you can examine your thoughts and choices and come to a conclusion about who you truly are and where you want to be.

From Aisha Aziz

Marketing student based in Dubai

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