Sandy Paws

Six-month-old Smokey was found with a broken pelvis when he was just a few weeks old. He has now healed and is looking for his forever home. He is good

with other cats and dogs. He is neutered and vaccinated.


Sandy Paws

Three-year-old Tigerlily was found as a tiny kitten with her mum and has been in foster homes since then. She loves being an only cat and is affectionate, funny and still a bit independent.


Sandy Paws

Seven-month old Harvey was found slumped outside a shop, with flu. He has recovered now. He loves to play and is great with other cats. He has an old injury to his hips, so he sits oddly, but this doesn’t stop him from loving life.

Poppy and Tango

Sandy Paws

This brother and sister are two years old and were left behind when their owner left the UAE. Tango has a slight heart murmur, so he is not as playful as his sister. They are sterilised and microchipped.


Seven-month-old Charlie is an affectionate lap cat, who is playful and good with other cats. He is neutered and vaccinated.

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