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I have a Citi Life Platinum Visa credit card that offers free unlimited access to over 20 airport lounges worldwide and allows for supplementary Cardmembers as well. I visited Thailand, and as per the information from the bank, I was allowed to access Louis Tavern CIP First Class Lounge (Concourse C, Level 3, Eastside) at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, in Bangkok, Thailand.

But once I reached there, I was informed that I could not access the lounge. They even swiped my card, but it was denied. I had to face a lot of trouble in Bangkok because of this.

Upon my return, I complained about this issue to the bank within a week’s time, but as per their email, they said I complained after a month, so they could not entertain it.

Secondly, I should have paid at the Bangkok lounge and claimed from them in Dubai, but nowhere did they mention such a clause in the terms and conditions.

Please help and guide me regarding Citibank services and help me get proper compensation from the bank for these services promised.

From Mr Ahsan Raza



The management of Citibank responds:

Please note that the complaint had been resolved amicably with the client after our partner Veloce, on a goodwill gesture, offered him a roundtrip-economy-ticket “Dubai-Any city in the middle East or India-Dubai” on March 31, and he accepted it.

For reference:

• Our website clearly states the following: “In any circumstances where the participating lounge access is denied to the Citi Life Platinum Visa Cardmember, the Cardmember may pay the lounge entry by using his/her Citi Life Platinum Visa credit card upon written confirmation by the lounge operator on the customer receipt that, the lounge access was not available to this card. The Cardmember must provide the receipt to the bank to get the reimbursement for the amount that was invoiced. The claim must be made within 30 days of travel.”

• When we had initially referred the matter to Veloce, they had declined the case stating that it was past 30 days.

• Veloce was approached once again by our Card’s Marketing and Partnership team as it had not been 30 days from the date of incident as per us.

• Veloce agreed to reward the customer with an air ticket and confirmation email was sent to the Customer on March 12.

• On March 30, client agreed to the aforementioned offer, and we have an email from the client confirming his concurrence.

Therefore, the issue stands fully resolved/closed.


Mr Raza responds:

Many thanks for Gulf News’ support, the issue has been resolved.

(Process initiation: March 20. Response from organisation: April 23. Process completion: May 11.)

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