On April 15, 2016, my eLife account was disconnected by etisalat, so I called their customer service number and informed them that I wanted to cancel my eLife subscription. The staff informed me that there was a pending amount of Dh375.63 and that I would need to pay Dh400 as an exit charge and the remaining instalment for the main eLife Triple Play TV Regular box and the wireless eLife telephone.

I informed the staff member that I did not have the full amount at the moment. I asked them if I could visit an etisalat centre, and request them to cancel my account and give them half of the amount now and the rest next month, but the agent said that etisalat would not accept my cancellation, unless I paid the full amount. As a result, I didn’t cancel my account.

In November 2016, I got a call from the etisalat legal department, claiming I owed them Dh2,873. I was shocked and I didn’t understand how the amount went from Dh775.63 to Dh2,873. I have not had an active internet, active television channels or an active landline for all this time.

I logged a complaint and etisalat decided to refund Dh1,014 only, and I was told that I still have to pay Dh1,859.

Why do I have to pay an additional Dh1,083.70 for a subscription that I am not benefiting from? How is that fair to any customer?

I lodged a new complaint to remove the pending Dh1,083.70, so that I could pay Dh775.63 and end this issue for good, however etisalat is refusing to do so and insisting on charging me Dh1,083.70 more. Their legal team keeps on calling me every week.

I don’t know how to end this nightmare. I need help from Gulf News to assist me in correcting the pending bill and paying the right amount, which is Dh775.63, as I do not want to pay the extra for the etisalat agent’s mistake. He had discouraged me from closing my account in the first place.

From Ms Nadine Harb


The management of etisalat responds:

Thank you for bringing Ms Harb’s concerns to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise for all the inconvenience. The account is now ceased and charges have been waived off. The issue is now resolved and closed.

(Process initiation: July 12. Response from organisation: July 17. Process completion: July 29.)

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