I really need Gulf News’ help in getting my refund from Air Arabia.

I booked a ticket with a tourist visa for one month from Air Arabia for a relative, but due to medical conditions, she couldn’t travel. Hence, I promptly cancelled the ticket but accepted the loss of visa fees.

During cancellation, the Air Arabia executive informed me that a refund was not possible, but a credit of Dh745 would be available in this passenger name record (PNR) and it could be used only by the passenger who was booked on the flight earlier.

Now, my relative cannot travel, hence there is no question of booking the ticket in her name. So I went to Air Arabia’s office to re-allocate the credit in my name or the person in direct relation to her (mother in law). For this also, we had to travel all the way to Sharjah Airport and get the approval.

The same was refused, with them saying their policy had changed. I feel completely harassed and cheated by Air Arabia, as they don’t want to return the money to the person who has paid for the ticket. I request Gulf News to please help me in this matter.

From Mr Santosh Kadam, Dubai

The management of Air Arabia responds: The policy clearly states that credit has to be utilised by the passenger himself and hence, credit transfer is not allowed. Mr Kadam is asking for an exception and in this case, he has to get in touch with Air Arabia’s customer relations team to look into his case.

Mr Kadam responds: First and foremost, thank you for taking this issue up with Air Arabia.

Secondly, I have already been to their customer relations office at Sharjah Airport, but I was denied this exception, and was told that recently, Air Arabia has changed their policy. I really felt bad to hear this, even after travelling from Al Barsha, Dubai, to Sharjah Airport — I was denied the return of my own money.

As a customer, it’s totally unfair that the person buying the ticket with his money is denied a refund! In fact, I am not asking for money back, rather just request for it to be transferred to my account so that next time I buy a ticket, I can use it for myself or my wife or son. The amount still goes to Air Arabia and we are both in a win-win situation.

Editor’s note: The response was forwarded to Air Arabia for comments. However, despite repeated reminders, its management did not respond.

(Process initiation: February 11. Response from organisation: February 16. Process completion: March 23.)

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