Safety counts. Even an apparently simple job, like that of cleaning the windows, can involve life-threatening risks if not done with the right precautionary measures, as this picture of a maid in a high-rise in Sharjah shows. Image Credit: Mohammad Zeeshan/Gulf News reader

I saw this sight in Al Majaz area of Sharjah and was left shocked! This housemaid was cleaning the window of an apartment and had stepped out almost entirely.

She was standing on the ledge and trying to clean the windows that she couldn’t reach from inside.

I was worried that at any moment she could fall and an accident could occur. I was in a state of shock. It took her almost an hour to clean just one window.

I request all home owners to please not ask housemaids to do such jobs. If God forbod anything bad happened, the owners would get in to trouble. Please be more responsible.


The reader is a business development manager based in Sharjah.

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